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Ruth's grayling

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Fly fishing for Arctic Grayling holds a special spot in my heart.  Probably because of the river scenery and the spectacular view of the upper falls. 

I recommend a  3 or 4 weight rod and 5  pound X 8 foot or longer leader and strike indicator if you wish. 

The Grayling fishing is such at Hearne Lake Lodge that the novice has no trouble catching these beautiful fish.  Long cast are not necessary.  Grayling have a short fast take and you may have a tendency to set too hard on the first few takes. Not to worry, we have never eaten grayling and the fishery is getting better every year as we cull a few of the fast water pike for shore lunch.  I am always asked what grayling taste like and my answer is always the same: "Bald Eagle or Loon, Don't eat those either"

As for flies, any of your regular small trout flies, wet or dry on #8 or smaller hooks will work fine. I always start out dry because for me, the thrill of watching the fish take the presentation, is 90% of the fun. Grayling feed mostly on aquatic and terrestrial insects, including mayflies, midges, ants, wasp, bees, and caddis flies , gnats of all kinds, plus leeches and very small minnows. My favorite wet fly would be the bead head Prince Nymph. In dry fly, anything from a mosquito to wasp is on the Grayling menu.

Grayling are a sit and wait predator and will hold behind rocks in the stream and wait for their food to drift down to them.  Often they congregate in the pools at the base of the falls where the food is concentrated. 

If you don't want to drag along a light weight rod for the trip, you can borrow one of my 3 weights for the day. 

I would love to guide you on your first grayling experience and add you to our wall of fame and web site. 

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