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Fly fishing for Arctic Grayling 

Canadian Arctic Grayling Fishing

Beaulieu River day trip

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Day trip for Arctic Grayling Fishing

Pete's grayling

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Pete's grayling

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Northern Canada Fishing | Hearne Lake Lodge

Arctic Grayling  Thymallus arcticus

River fishing for Arctic Grayling

One advantage we have at Hearne Lake Lodge is that we have lake and river fishing.  A windy day with uncomfortable lake conditions is a perfect time to pick your way through the many islands protected from the waves and go up river for Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling. In 10 years I can count the days on my fingers that we did not get out because of waves or wind. Keeps those sad faces away from the cook. 

Years ago Arctic Grayling were found as far south as the Canada/US border and even farther in  the Rockies. The introduction of foriegn species like Rainbow and Brown Trout wiped them out in a few short years. Now they are only found in the far north in any great numbers or size.

Both Male and female being strikingly colored with purples to blue iridescence. The male usually having a larger longer dorsal fin than the female.

The Grayling fishing at Hearne Lake Lodge takes place up the Beaulieu River about 10 miles north of the lodge. You will be guided by myself or a Hearne Lake regular your first trip for Grayling, after which you may return by yourself if you wish.  It never takes much coaxing to get me to go grayling fishing.  You will see why, the upper falls is one of my favorite spots.

There is a widespread misconception that grayling are related to the char family while in actual fact they are a species of whitefish. But unlike whitefish they spawn in the spring. They have hardy appetites and can be caught all season at Hearne Lake Lodge. 

The Beaulieu river flows into the most northerly point of Hearne Lake.  Grayling frequent the fast water and deep river pools.  You will be able to witness their spectacular colors in the crystal clear waters. 

Spin casting with very tiny spinners and Cleaos.  Panther Martins, Mepps and Bluefox tiny spinners work best, casted out and a bit up stream and allowed to drift down retrieving just fast enough to keep out of the rocks. Stay with the natural bug colors of gray green or brown that mimic native insects.  The regular silver spinner works great as it mimics the local baitfish.  Keep them as small as you can cast on ultra light and 3 to 6 pound test line. 

I have a few ultra lights rigged to go, so no need to go buy one if you want to try grayling fishing.

Or better yet, why not take advantage of a free fly lesson with me as your host.

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