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Canada Lake Trout Fishing

You won't need those big heavy rods and winches that the sport stores will try to sell you.  Your regular light and medium walleye/bass rods, loaded with quality 12 to 15 pound test line, will do just fine and are a lot more fun of course. A good drag is a must.  During June you will be casting and slow trolling shallow as the trout take advantage of the cold water after ice out to chase and follow the bait to the shallows and surface.  You will actually see the trout jump clear out of the water as they pass right through the schools of bait during a feeding frenzy.  These are the feeding frenzies you will hear me talk about.  There are a few spots that have been named by customers like the Barrel and Serge Island where these feeds go on almost every day and evening in  June.  The Arctic Terns will show you exactly where to cast your lure or fly as they dive for the same bait the fish are after.  Try to keep in mind that the Lake Trout likes to stun or kill its food before eating it head first. Most times a very slow and I mean slow, jerky retrieve or let your lure drop vertically will trigger the most aggressive response.  While trolling when you seem to be getting hit after hit without hook up, it is because the trout are slapping the lure without chomping down. Move your rod quickly towards the back of the boat or open your drag after a tap to trigger the bite. Hang on because when they are feeding they have to be quick to keep others from taking their hard earned meal and will hit like a freight train. There are a few rods on the bottom, one is mine! 

Don't worry, I have lots of spare equipment. This is also the time to wear out that favorite real. 

During the summer months of July and August lake trout will hold in deeper water but will cruise the shelfs in the morning and evening when the sun is lower on the horizon. Trolling with down riggers or weighted line over these humps and shelves can produce large trout when the presentation is correct. Trolling is an effective way to learn the contours of the lake bottom and where the fish like to hold up. If your preference is a jigging style then buzz bombs or larger jigs will work as well once you have located where they are holding. Medium gear with good drag and line will also force you to bring the trout up slower reducing mortality rates by allowing them time to decompress their air bladder when brought in from depths lower than 30 feet. A trophy fish caught in northern waters will be very old due to the slow growth rate and a shame to kill as they are primarily breeding females. 

Every year, more than once, I hear, stop the boat,  I caught bottom!  That is what a huge laker feels like.  Only when the boat is stopped the line keeps going.  The worse thing to do is bring a big trout to the boat before it is ready.  Many a fish is lost because of hauling to hard on a shallow or poorly set hook.  A Lake trout will usually try to stun its prey with a tail slap or head but and nip before turning and taking it head first. This produces many a foul cheek or tail hook up.  Take your time!  

 We always hear that people visit us and keep returning because of the atmosphere that fisherman serving fisherman produces. And for the great food of course.



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