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        Fly Fishing Tips and Gear to maximize your fishing experience for Northern Pike at Hearne Lake Lodge

 Canadian Northern Pike 

Equipment: Eight weight with 20/30 pound backing, floating and tip sink lines, steel braided leader material or pre tied pike rigs. Do not and I repeat do not overload your reels with too much backing. These big girls are unforgiving on you and equipment if you get a birds nest or line jam.

I have plenty of extra gear on hand you can borrow if needed due to a equipment breakdown.  

Flies:  large, black/white red/white streamers bunnies, floating and sinking. Medium to small flies and buck-tails in same colors, steal head flies and bunny strips work great on Northern Pike and Lake Trout.  June fly fishers will also experience unsurpassed Lake Trout action.

June fishing:   If you have never tried fly fishing for Northern Pike then you are in for a treat.  After ice out the large pike will sun themselves in the shallow spawning bays.  These bays are weed free in the spring so it is mostly sight fishing. Sometimes not pulling the trigger until you see your trophy. These large sunbathing pike can be stubborn during the heat of the midday. They will sometimes ignore your fly. When this happens, it is best to try a suspending or top water fly and let it sit near your target with just an occasional twitch. They can sometimes not resist this easy meal.  If they still refuse to strike, don't push them.  As difficult as it is, record the spot and come back later in the day when the sun is lower and they are feeding. The same fish will be ready to give you the thrill you are searching for.

As far as flies are concerned, again a hungry pike will eat just about anything that presents itself. Big is not always best, sometimes they are just looking for a snack.

July/August fishing:  You will have to target shorelines and shelves in deeper water throughout the lake.  Unlike Lake trout, the catch rate of large pike drops drastically as they spread out in the main lake, hunting off of the structure and shelfs in deeper water. You will be forced to search for them as they linger in these places waiting to ambush passing prey. Tip and full sink are required now along with larger flies.      Big pike eat big bait! 

Last week August through closing, September 15th fishing: The large pike will now return to shallower water.  Due to feeding on large prey for the last two months, they will have increased their weight by 20 percent since the spawn in June.  The heaviest pike are usually caught at this time. You will be looking for 10 to 15 foot depth in areas with sparse weeds that don't reach the surface. Large pike will also follow the spawning lake trout to the shallows and up river at this time trying to feed on the less wary trout and whitefish during their spawn. 

We also have a seldom fished smaller, much shallower lake near that we designated fly only a few years ago. Only one boat and total seclusion for those who wish to try a day trip for trophy pike.  It produces large pike all season.  It is a short 2 mile trip by 4 passenger Argo ATV on an old gold mine winter road to get you and your gear safely delivered to your boat.  For those who want to try fly fishing, I can supply free lessons and equipment. This fly only lake makes a great teaching ground.  Long cast are not needed, these fish are not boat shy!

I can talk fishing all day but since we only deal with 8 max in camp at one time I will work very closely with you on what to bring and my favorite flies. Give me a call.


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