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Paul with a 30 pound plus on Deceiver red and white. 

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Hearne Lake Lodge, Canada

Canada NWT Fly In Fishing

Ted From British Columbia

Hearne Lake Lodge, NWT

Canada Fly Fishing

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Fly Fishing Trip in Canada

Fly Fishing | Hearne Lake Lodge, NWT

Time: June and September

Fly fishing for the hard hitting, tough fighting Lake Trout. You have to experience this to believe it. The action is fast a furious during the right time. In June you will be casting to frenzies on surface with floating and sink tip. Unlike the pike in the shallows, the laker has all the water it needs to take you down. 

You will wear out you arms and flies fighting these fantastic fighters, a 5 pounder feels like a twenty and you will catch literally hundreds during your stay. Every year guys who come up for Northern Pike and discover this fantastic hard fighting member of the char family. They will spend hours fishing trout, once they have their trophy pike photo in the bag. It is pound for pound the strongest fish in our waters. 

June:  Casting to shallow running lake trout in the cold water just after ice out. You will witness surface feeding frenzies on the schools of ciscoe minnows. These can last minutes or hours. The Arctic terns , Gulls and Loons will show you exactly where the fish are as they try  to steal some of the trouts dinner,  The frenzies seem to take place in the same areas every year and I will show you where.

September: Casting to shore and structure during the spawn. You will be able to see the trout, even from the boat dock as they follow each other in shallow crystal clear water, during courtship. 

Equipment: You can use your 8 weight, same as with the pike, but no steel leader is required. A longer leader sometimes produces much better results. You will want to have on as much backing as possible but not so much as to  create a jamming problem. In June and September you will need floating and tip sink only. Most of the action is in the top 6 feet.

Flies: Steelhead patterns work great along with 3 to 4 inch bunny strips in white and red/white. Last fall the largest lake trout were taken on green and chartreuse pike streamers and a simple yellow marabou presentation. 

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